GameSmart is a leading information technology business focused on the design, development and distribution of management and monitoring systems, both hardware and software, to the casino industry.

The Gaming Management System (GMS) is a comprehensive cross-property management solution accommodating Mystery Jackpots, Progressive Jackpots and abundant marketing opportunities throughout the casino environment.

The Player Tracking Unit (PTU) facilitates powerful direct marketing aimed at the individual patron. This provides an ideal platform for loyalty programs, targeted promotions, and data mining of relevant customer information.

The system is accredited by the South African Bureau of Standards (SABS) and is a regulated gaming management system.

GameSmart distributes card handling product line

GameSmart recently signed a distribution agreement for a top of the range card handling product line. The line includes magnetic card, IC and contactless card technologies, and caters for read/write, collection and issuing of cards. Go to Card Handling Products to see the entire range.

GameSmart addresses LPM market

GameSmart has developed an LPM (Route Operations) monitoring solution which utilises a scaled back version of the Casino Monitoring System software. Route operators are able to view site revenues remotely in real time. Regulators have total access to all sites within their jurisdiction.

GameSmart provides electronic cashiering

GameSmart, in conjunction with Wincor-NIXDORF and Cash-POS South Africa, has integrated its smart card technology with ATM type hardware in order to allow self service user based cashiering. The cash recycling capability of the Wincor-NIXDORF product is key to providing operational efficiencies and another step forward in striving towards a cashless gaming floor.

Proprietary Technology

(Software and hardware that is developed by GameSmart)

  • Software – Gaming Management System (GMS).
  • Hardware – Player Tracking Unit (PTU).

Re-seller Technology

(Technology that is represented by GameSmart, manufactured and sold on behalf of a principal supplier)

  • Automated Cashier (AC).
  • Jackpot payment stations.

Support and Maintenance

(Services rendered by GameSmart predominantly to support and enhance existing technologies)

  • Service Level Agreements.
  • Support on a cost plus time and materials basis.


(Products that are sold as a value add service to the core offerings)

  • Training.
  • Card Readers.
  • Player cards - magnetic stripe and smart chip.