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Card Products



GameSmart distributes Cardlogix range of card products in Southern Africa.


Since 1998, CardLogix has manufactured millions of cards that have shipped to over 36 countries around the world. With expertise in card and chip technology, as well as card operating systems, software, development tools, and middleware, CardLogix has continuously been at the forefront of smart card technology.

The company responds to market opportunities with creative design and ISO quality manufacturing for Trusted ID and Transaction Systems.

Trust is the primary commodity that CardLogix trades in every day. We build and maintain our customer's confidence in our products and processes, so they can trust our cards with their most valuable assets in identity and data. Starting with development software that's easy to use, right through to uncompromising customer support, CardLogix delivers on the promise of trust that our service inspires and our cards guarantee.

Our company culture breeds initiative, commitment, and follow-through, orchestrated with exacting standards for excellence and customer satisfaction. As a global supplier and active industry participant, CardLogix knows the importance of being a responsible global business. With recycling, energy conservation, and full RoHS compliance, the company meets its goals with the environment in mind.




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