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Gaming Management System (GMS)

GameSmart's GMS is a tried and tested modular system providing for all areas of Casino Management. The   casino management system is an integrated solution comprising of a hardware component, a software component and is an online networked solution, offering:


  • Smart card based cashless gaming,

  • ​Jackpot management,

  • Mystery jackpots points and monetary payouts,

  • Bonussing,

  • Floor plan viewer, and

  • More..........


GMS is a regulated solution, complies with South African gaming regulations and is certified to over 250 machine manufacturer base software versions, for all major manufacturers.

​G-Vision 2020

GameSmart's G-Vision 2020 is a total gaming management solution, which is flexible, W3C compliant and information driven allowing the operator to manage their No1 asset, knowledge.


G-Vision 2020 provides you, the operator, the tools to manage, protect and analyze your gaming information, allowing you to better understand your operational/profit drivers and customer base.


This cloud based solution provides for all core functionality required by casinos and includes:


  • Multi-game,

  • Multi-language,

  • Graphical reporting,

  • Analytics,

  • NFC technologies,

  • Archiving, and

  • More......

​B-Vision 2020

GameSmart's B-Vision 2020 solution provides cost effective, real-time reporting to Route and Street Market Operators enabling them to make informed business decisions that impact revenue generation. Extremely flexible, offering the operator the ability to add-on player tracking and card-based cashless platforms as needed into multiple site operations.


GameSmart's SmartView is a leading provider of comprehensive surveillance and security solutions, specializing in the design, installation, and maintenance of CCTV and various related systems. With a strong focus on delivering cutting-edge technology, unparalleled expertise, and exceptional customer service, SmartView is committed to ensuring the safety and security of gambling premises, mining sites, malls, and other related venues. We also design and equip modern control rooms as well as train control room operators. As a trusted partner, we aim to provide our clients with peace of mind, allowing them to focus on their core operations while we handle their surveillance and security needs.

Win Systems Gaming Product Distributorship

Best Performing Intelligent Electronic Roulette

Gold Club™ multi-player electronic roulette. An immersive gaming experience.

Includes of WAP and LAP Jackpot Systems. Dynamic statistics available on a graphical interface where all relevant information to the players is displayed.

Gold Club™ use state-of-the-art design processes and only the best materials to ensure a long lifespan and high quality looks. All machines are designed with ease-of-use and straightforward servicing in mind.

Perfect Match of Attraction, Ergonomics and Excitement in Slot Machines

The highest industry standards lead the GameStar™ design process. The adaptive illumination technology creates visual resulting in a more immersive gaming experience. The strong and reliable GameStar™ multi-game platform ensures flawless operation. The wide range of interactive multi-level bonus games, variety of free spins, unique game features and Jackpot Systems mean everyone can find the best product for themselves.

Discover our Extensive Range of Games!

Our games are innovatively designed with great graphics and animations, and provide premium audio to ensure excellent immersion and entertainment. Players can choose from an incredible variety of titles, enjoying a unique game experience without having to leave the comfort of their seat.

Find out about our new releases!

Additional Boost to Game Performance

Our outstanding multi-level WAP and LAP progressive Jackpot Systems are available for all our roulette and slot machines. The Lucky Number Jackpot, an incredible multi-level WAP or LAP system brings more excitement the Electronic Roulette.

Mystery progressive and symbol driven jackpots for our slot machines are multi-level and multi-game and supplemented by the PlusGame Jackpot Systems.

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