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Gaming Management System Modules

Core Module


This is the first to be installed and allows for the initial set-up of the system, creation and management of the following information:


  • Accounts – your Chart of Accounts.

  • Entities – your accounts' entities.

  • General Parameters – global parameters within the system.

  • Menu Configuration – controls access to system functions.

  • Report Configuration – controls access to system reports.

  • User Configuration – user information, including name, job title, user level, password control, etc.

  • System access is group/user based.


Casino Administration Module


This module controls all areas relating to revenue generation:

  • Gaming machine drop management.

  • Gaming floor configuration of:

    - Banks.

    - Bases.

    - System Protocols.

    - Gaming Machine locations.


Slot Accounting Module


This module controls the creation and management of all gaming machine related information:

  • Machine Wizard - create and manage machine configuration.

  • Make, model and cabinet type.

  • Game type including all EPROM's and protocols.

  • Location on the gaming floor and the ability to do machine moves.

  • Denomination, hopper and jackpot settings.

  • Significant event archiving configuration.

  • Ability to do journal and meter adjustments.

  • Machine event monitoring.

  • Revenue and cash flow information.


Table Management Module


This module controls the creation and management of all table related information:

  • Start and closure of accounting day.

  • Configuration of table types and pit configurations.

  • Hourly counts, fills and credits.

  • Touch screen based application.

  • Real time statistics.

  • Cashless, reduces requirement for fills and credits.


Cashless Gaming


This functionality includes player tracking hardware and is smart card based:

  • Credit balances for cashable and non-cashable credits are carried on the smart card and database.

  • All cards are authenticated before gaming is permitted.

  • Balances on the card are compared to the back end database before gaming is permitted.

  • If the card and database balances are not the same the card is blocked until the discrepancy is cleared.

  • Electronic money is downloaded to the credit meter from card for play.

  • When cash out is requested credits are paid to card.

  • To cash out the value on the card players go to cash desk.

  • When cashing out at cash desk balances on the card and database are again confirmed equal.


Customer Management Module


This module controls the creation and management of all customer related information utilizing the Customer Information Wizard:


  • Name.

  • Contact details.

  • Demographic details.

  • Financial status, if credit customer.

  • Customer interests.

Loyalty Module


This module controls the creation and management of all loyalty related information:

  • Loyalty points calculation and complimentary point split.

  • Loyalty factors – happy hour, double points etc, including run times and days.

  • Points redemption.

  • Product management.

  • GRO floor plan – graphical floor plan viewer, including real time play view.

  • Table loyalty.

  • Customer rating management.

  • Points race promotion.

Jackpot Management Module


The module controls the creation and management of all SAS progressive jackpot information:


  • Jackpot Display Management.

  • Jackpot Configuration Management.

  • JDM Management.


Hand pays, Jackpots and Progressive Jackpots are paid by smart card, the process being:


  • Machine lockup in hand pay, jackpot or progressive jackpot.

  • Attendant inserts their card and links the payment to their profile.

  • Attendant collects payment at cash desk returns, makes payment and inserts their card to reactivate play.

  • Key-off to card configurable.

Treasury Module


This module is essentially the cash desk module and includes functionality to: 

  • Perform cash on and off card functions.

  • Other related cash desk and vault functions.

Player Tracking Unit


The SMIB technology is an integrated hardware and software module that provides for staff and customer interaction:

  • Attendant Card

    - View meters.

    - EMG information.

    - Event history.

  • Surveillance Card

    - Change AFT/EFT.

    - Enable/disable.

    - SAM enable/disable.

  • Customer Card

    - Download menu display.

    - # displays Main Menu.

    - Show balances.

    - Show preferences.

    - Download credits.

    - Points to credits.

    - View payout of EMG.

    - Autoplay.

Slot Analysis Module


This module includes customized user specific reports on hardware performance related issues, such as: 

  • Unacceptable bill acceptance rates.

  • Unacceptable card read failures.

Reports Module


This module controls the access to reports for various casino groups. Depending on which group the user is allocated to, his report menu and access will vary:


  • Reports may be viewed on screen and printed.

  • Mechanism for providing viewing access only.

  • Reports can be viewed or printed remotely.

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