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The CONFIGURABLE Gaming Management Solution


G-Vision 2020 is a total gaming management solution, which is flexible, W3C compliant and information driven allowing the operator to manage their No1 asset, knowledge.


In todays world it is not about how much information you collect, but how you use, protect this most valuable asset.


G-Vision 2020 provides you, the operator, the solution and tools to manage, protect and analyse your information, allowing you to beter understand your operational/profit drivers and customer base.


Although G-Vision 2020 is installed as a product, being a configured solution allows it to be quickly tweaked to suit your specific requirements.


G-Vision 2020 is shipped with a graphic capable report writer allowing you to design and develop customised reports/graphs and is exportable to numerous other formats for further manipulation.


Archiving capabilities are out-the-box, allowing you to configure which information is to be archived and at which time intervals.


Encryption capabilities are out-of-the-box, allowing you to configure which information must be encrypted.


Database independent, giving you freedom of choice.


Supports distributed databases, allows you to store the information at the most suited location.


Multi-language, Multi-denomMulti-game.


Access required information where you are, when you need it, on your PC, laptop, tablet or smart phone.


A graphical floor viewer highlights both operational and customer information.


A realtime messenger aplication allows you to communicate with your customer at his slot machine and other users logged onto G-Vision 2020.


Business rules engine enables process logic and reduces training requirement.


The administration module controls the setup / configuration of the gaming system parameters including:


  • User management.

  • Customer information.

  • Gaming Machine information.

  • Monitoring tools.

  • Bonussing.

  • Revenue.

  • Events.

  • Player tracking unit.

  • Certification.

  • Player and user cards.

  • Loyalty.

  • Product management.

  • Treasury.

  • General ledger.

  • Point of sale.


The cashiering module controls all aspects of vault and cashiering transactions:




  • Vault.

  • Cashdesk.

  • Tables.

  • Card.


The Slot Accounting module controls the creation and management of all gaming machine information:



  • Set up information.

  • Settings.

  • Multi/Denominations.

  • Multyi/Games.

  • Locations.

  • Drop Groups.


The Table Management module controls the creation and management of all table related information: 


  • Accounting day.

  • Configuration of table types.

  • Pit configurations.

  • Hourly counts, fills and credits.

  • Touch screen based application.

  • Real time statistics.

  • Cashless, reduces requirement for fills and credits.


The Customer module controls the creation and management of customer information:



  • Identification.

  • Addresses.

  • Contact details.

  • Banking details.

  • Credit details.

  • Preferences.

  • Loyalty.


The Promotions module controls the crteation and management of promotional product:



  • Stock management.

  • Value.

  • Issuing.

  • Receipting.

  • Redemption.


The Bonusing module controls the creation and management of bonusing/promotions:


  • Progressives.

  • 3rd Party progressives.

  • Mysteries.

  • Loyalty.

  • Points race.

  • Happy hours.

  • Create more............


The Chat module provides for realtime communication to active users and customers:


  • To logged in users.

  • To active slot sessions.

  • Send/receive text messages.


The Viewer module controls the creation, managements and realtime graphical display of the gaming floor: 


  • Highlight significnt events.

  • Slot statistics.

  • Tables statistics.

  • Top and bottom slot performers.

  • Customer details.

  • Customer session details.

  • Customer loyalty details.

Player Tracking

The Player Tracking Unit is an integrated hardware and software module that provides for staff and customer interaction.


  • Hardware/network Diagnostics 94.

  • Attendant Card

    - View meters.

    - View event history.

    - View EFT history.

    - View EGM payouts.

    - Reboot PTU.

    - Restart software.

  • Customer Card

    - View card balances.

    - View jackpot payouts.

    - View card transactions.

    - View customer                             information.

    - Download credits.

    - Cash out.

    - Enable/disable autoplay.


The gaming board module includes all regulatory functionality: 




  • Accessable remotely.

  • Regulatory changes pushed to required board personnel in realtime.

  • Gaming board has access to report writer for customised reports.


The Reports module controls the access to all reports and allows for users to create customised reports. 



  • Permissions can be applied to reports.

  • Reports may be viewed on screen and/or printed.

  • Graphics capable report writer.

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